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some nice things my clients have said about my recordings. :-)

"We selected Emma from over thirty auditions to play the role of the 'damsel in distress' in our critically acclaimed horror game, Penumbra: Black Plague. The character was intended to play with the stereotypical 'save the princess' video game trope, her overly hopeful persona betraying the hardship and terror she'd faced. Emma's warm, innocent performance won her the role, and her willingness to take direction and reliable delivery ensured we wound up with exactly what we wanted." 

  - Tom Jubert, Narrative Designer for Frictional Games

"We selected Emma from a number of auditions for a large customer service IVR and On Hold messaging project. We wanted the voice to represent the brand as well as relate to their typical customer. To do this, we needed a warm, reassuring and friendly 'Yummy Mummy' style voice over and we got exactly that. Emma is always willing to take direction, very reliable with her delivery of audio and has proved so versatile, we have been able to use her for a number of other On Hold projects as well." 

- Robyn Mills, former Creative Producer, On Brand Group

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"The audio is truly great, with perfect voice acting - something you almost never find."

- GameIndustry.com, 28th February 2008, reviewing 'Penumbra: Black Plague'

Our client was looking for an authentic British voiceover to help demonstrate their global reach. Our agency chose Emma out of a talent pool of other British voiceovers because we instantly agreed that Emma's voice was exactly what we were looking for. Since our first project with Emma, she has gone on to be "the voice" of our client. Working with her was so easy even though she was in the U.K. and we were in the States. She understood our direction immediately and knew exactly what we needed. She had the perfect inflections in every word in every piece she recorded for us. It was truly a pleasure working with Emma and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again on other projects for other clients.

- Casey Keske, Account Supervisor - Symmetri Marketing Group; Chicago, IL

We chose Emma to be the voice of Temptation. On the recording day, she proved to have the perfect approach – conveying the message with an upbeat, melodious and trustworthy voice.

- Mike and Sheena Adams, Temptation Gifts (Christmas TV campaign)